"My first online class made it clear it was as effective if not more than an in-person lesson. It allowed us to jump right into the lesson, and after it ended, I jumped right into practice, making the whole experience more effective."

-Christian, student

There is no shortage of websites and businesses advertising a "new way" of learning an instrument through pre-recorded videos or a new app. Attempting to learn an instrument using such a service is inherently flawed because it removes one of the most important aspects of any type of learning; the relationship between student and teacher. Receiving consistent, focused feedback and direction is absolutely crucial to a student's progress and amongst their other shortcomings, these cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approaches fail to provide a synchronous learning experience wherein instructors can freely relay important corrections and recommendations.

Then there are of course countless other sites which merely play the role of the middleman between students and teachers. Octopus Music School is a real institution with three physical locations. Our highly-credentialed teachers are employees of OMS who have been carefully selected, screened, trained, and teach using time-honored methods of instruction that we have distilled into a forward-looking, innovative curriculum, OPUS (Octopus Poly-instrumental Units of Study).

Learning remotely is easy! Remote learning is a technique already used around the world for various types of instruction, including music lessons! It involves student and teacher video-conferencing through a webcam-enabled device (a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet).


You will have the same access to our curriculum, learning resources, and of course, our world-class, highly-credentialed staff members! Schedule your introductory remote lesson today!

*Please be sure that you have an instrument to learn on before scheduling your remote introductory lesson!