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  • Experienced, well-credentialed  instructors

  • Comprehensive proprietary curriculum & assessments to promote fast learning and measure progress

  • Large, modern lesson studios

  • In-person or state of the art virtual instruction using our proprietary multi-camera HD Duet system

  • A dedicated and responsive scheduling team with flexible options for busy families

Since 2009, we have been teaching students not just to play music, but to understand it. Our teaching staff is comprised of exceptional instructors, who, using our proprietary flexible curriculum and assessment program, OPUS, help students establish a firm foundation upon which to build a lasting relationship with music. OPUS was built by Octopus from the ground up with one thing in mind; providing students and parents with a clear path towards advancement. Each level is designed to provide students with the necessary scaffolding to make steady, measurable progress, and build the skills and repertoire to play with other students across a number of instruments. Whether the goal is to master the drums, learn a new style on the piano, audition for first chair violin, or just play a few songs on the guitar, our curriculum materials and expert instruction have been helping students realize their musical goals for over a decade.

Octopus Music School specializes in pianostringvoiceguitarbassdrum, and brass & woodwind lessons. With three facilities  conveniently located in Hillsborough, North Brunswick, South Plainfield, and Middletown, NJ we serve students who come to us from Highland Park, Edison, Piscataway, Scotch Plains, Metuchen, North Brunswick, South Brunswick, East Brunswick, Woodbridge, Somerset, Montgomery, Princeton, Somerville, Red Bank, Rumson, Fair Haven, Lincroft, Morganville, Holmdel, Little Silver, and Atlantic Highlands.​



Don't take our word for it, watch some of these amazing student performances filmed at OMS Studio!

Fukashigi No Carte - Piano Cover (Student Spotlight)
No One Knows- Queen of The Stone Age Drum COVER!
Telemann Sonata for Viola and Guitar STUDENT SPOTLIGHT
Good Times Bad Times - Led Zeppelin (Drum Cover)
Take 5 - Dave Brubeck Guitar Student Spotlight!
Flight of the Bumblebee - STUDENT SPOTLIGHT (piano)
Piano lessons



Piano is one of the simplest instruments with which to produce a sound but one of the hardest to master. The coordination between the right and left hands combined with using the feet and reading two lines of music can seem overwhelming for new students. With a step-by-step approach and endless patience, we make learning the piano fun and comprehensible for children and adults alike.


Whether a student has several hours each week to devote to practice, or only 15 minutes per day, we provide insightful instruction that helps everyone get the most out of their piano lessons.

Voice lessons



Everyone can sing! Yes that means you! When someone describes his or her singing as “flat”, this simply means that person doesn’t know how to use his or her voice to it’s fullest potential. Despite the fact that singing feels like it should come naturally because it utilizes an instrument that we are born with, there are a number of important techniques that one must be aware of in order to sing well which is the main focus of our voice lessons.


Our voice instructors can help you identify your range, develop effective breathing habits, and not just teach you how to carry a tune, but how to use all of your voice and guide you towards songs that are right for you.

String lessons



Like it’s cousin the guitar, the violin is a complex instrument and learning it’s many nuances requires an instructor that isn’t just skilled at the violin, but is able to relate subtle techniques and provide meaningful feedback to the student. Opportunities for gifted violinists are abundant and beginning a course of study at a young age with the right instructor will ensure students remain competitive throughout their careers.


Our violin instructors are aware that some students merely want to learn for pleasure or as a hobby and apply pressure to students only where it is needed. Despite the instrument's presumed serious nature, violin lessons should be just as fun as the rest of the instruments we specialize in!

Guitar lessons



With the wrong instructor, fretted string instruments like the guitar or ukulele can be an extremely challenging instrument not just to learn, but to understand. However, by helping students develop good technique and practice habits, focusing on music that is of interest to them, and facilitating a holistic understanding of simple yet imperative right and left hand techniques, our guitar lessons promote fast and steady progress. Every student is different and has unique needs but while instructional methods may vary, the basic concepts we stress do not. From beginners to advanced students, we custom tailor each lesson to make the guitar easy to understand and fun to learn.

Drum lessons



Have you ever tried to rub your stomach and pat your head at the same time? How about rubbing your stomach, patting your head, and stomping your feet, all at different rhythms? This is what playing the drums is all about; perfect coordination and synchronization between different parts of the body.


At Octopus Music School our drum lessons span many styles from rock to jazz and latin. Our instructors’ expertise covers countless styles and we welcome all drummers from complete beginners seeking to get started to seasoned players aiming to expand and grow. We offer full kit drum lessons as well as instruction on hand percussion such as congas, bongos, djembes, etc.

Early starters lessons


AGES 3-5

Our Early Starters Program is carefully designed to get young students to quickly learn the language of music in a one-on-one setting. Students learn basic rhythms and melodic patterns illustrated on a variety of instruments, including Orff instruments like shakers, tambourines, and woodblocks, as well as melodic instruments like the piano and handbells. Once students pass their Instrument Readiness Assessment, they are prepared to begin focused instruction on the piano, strings, or drums.




Despite the fact that the recorder is often one of the first instruments to which students are introduced, the family of brass and woodwind instruments can be quite complicated. They require students learn breath control, embouchure, and posture. Whether students are studying the flute, clarinet, saxophone, or french horn, developing the facial muscles and proper breathing are extremely important to creating full and clear tones.


Our brass and woodwind instructors have years of experience teaching and performing to ensure that students learn good habits and can tackle their instruments with poise and confidence.

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