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Octopus Music School is proud to also offer music lessons geared towards individuals with special needs. Learning an instrument can help develop fine and gross motor skills and provide students with a productive outlet for energy and creativity. Our lessons are structured so that the focus of each lesson is clear but in no way strict; we always leave our students room to have fun and explore self-expression.

We are also a community service provider registered with the State of NJ's DDD Program. Please contact us for more information if you are a DDD participant.

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Because each student's needs are unique, prospective students must first schedule an intake interview (free of charge) performed our special needs coordinator. If you would like to schedule an intake appointment*, please contact us.

*Please note that our instructors who teach students with special needs are first and foremost musicians/music educators who have been trained in-house by our special needs program coordinator to utilize positive behavior support and modifications to curriculum. They are not trained to intervene with physical behaviors.

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